Foxes & Finance - A Fascinating Fairy Tale

In Richfox, we are united in the belief there is more to finance than quick profits. There are important truths about us and even beauty to be found in the fascinating complexity of markets, this marvelous mirror of the world’s stage and myriads of human interactions, which has so far defied any attempts to reliably depict its inner mechanics. It is in our nature, our very hearts, to conquer the unknown, to explore, to seek knowledge and understanding, and to discover order and harmony in this seemingly chaotic universe. This ultimate purpose, this need to know, fuels our passion which is the true secret of our performance. In a nutshell, “Rich” in Richfox was never meant to be solely about material wealth.​ Since 2013, we have evolved from a single quant fund into a robust fund management platform at the frontier of the possible in the alternative investment space, servicing the financial needs of the most sophisticated high-net-worth and institutional clients with ruthless efficiency, transforming our skills in quantitative finance, automation, and digitisation into unrivaled performance and operational economics.​ We believe in finance that is intelligent and ethical as much as caring and responsible. As foxes, we outsmart any bull or bear, and we do not dance with wolves. If you belong to our species, welcome to the family.​

About Us

1/2013 operations established

1/2014 Czech National Bank registration as an asset manager

Outstanding international team


Years of combined experience

9/2017 Dutch AFM registration as fund manager

05/2023 Swiss asset manager ​licence granted and main office moved to Switzerland

Strong pedigree of success & performance

Premium service for high-net-worth private & institutional investors


Dedicated professionals at your disposal

Philosophy & Principles

Quants in heart, we always seek to remain at the frontier of what is possible in the financial world

Boutique character that allows for huge flexibility and adaptability to any need ​

Building robust systematic strategies based on world-class research

Structuring bespoke investment vehicles to the highest institutional standards​

High ethics, decency & due care in hearts

Strong social responsibility bias & philantropy

Demonstrated expertise across geographies and asset classes, including digital assets​

Catering to institutions, family offices, entities, and qualified HNW investors

Asset Management

Performing world-class proprietary financial research ​

Accessing unique investment opportunities across asset classes and geographies​

Adhering to most rigorous asset ​management practices

Institutional-grade alternative investment vehicles with a well-known structure

Sophisticated, quantitative & systematic investment strategies

Targeting alpha without compromising the risk profile

Tailor-made strategies for highly demanding family offices, institutions, and individual UHNWs

Fund Structuring

Partnering with established service providers only

Striving for the balance of low ​operational costs and professional services with suitable taxation

Automation and digitisation of our processes leads to ruthless efficiency and economics​

Constantly researching, scoring, and ranking domiciles for suitability​

Understanding of regulatory frameworks enabling highly individualised structures​



Richfox management fee

vs. market standard



Richfox management fee

vs. market standard

Family Offices

Deep understanding of complexities that private wealth owners face​

Bespoke services and asset management, tailored to the family's vision and preference​

Partnering with world-class tax and legal experts to secure the best efficiency and economics​

Enabling access to unique investment opportunities through our exclusive network​

Always enforcing the highest standards of privacy, discretion, and confidentiality

Assisting with plethora of financial family needs incl. financing or succession planning​

CIO Services

World-class financial & economic research with market outlook at your service​

CIO services for the most demanding institutional clientele​

Consulting for decision makers and asset allocators​

Rich toolbox of useful predictive models to assess your asset allocations in time​

Fred's – weekly updates on the latest market developments and allocation advisory from our CIO

Bespoke research available on-demand​