Decision-making Support for Asset Allocators

On-demand, Bespoke to Your Needs

The CIO provides research for the most demanding decision-makers and asset allocators in the industry. We bring to bear the full analytical output of our team, headed by our CIO, Dr. Frederic Vilhes, with a combined 25 years of experience in economics and finance, ready to support your investment decisions with bespoke advice, available for a fraction of the cost of any comparable capacity built in-house.​ ​Imagine always having at your disposal detailed analytics, mapping our observations from the most recent developments in the global economy and financial markets, delivered in a factual, data-driven, and evidence-based yet understandable fashion, distilled into a set of useful and practical recommendations, capital market assumptions, and forecasts. This way, you will always be on top of all relevant movements in macroeconomic data and the financial markets.​ ​However, we have never been "all words, no action". As such, you can also see our predictions applied in the real world, implemented into a mix of strategies designed to integrate the observations from our analyses into a functional investment model. Its outperformance presents the best testament to the analytical competence of Dr. Vilhes and his team.

Frederic Vilhes

Frederic Vilhes

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Our CIO Frederic Vilhes brings to bear 25 years of research and executive experience from Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Pictet, and Julius Baer, combining his multilateral knowledge of economics and quantitative finance into a comprehensive package, enabling every decision-maker to make sound asset allocation decisions​.

Market Outlook

  • Provide market views
  • Understand and predict market regime changes
  • ​Anticipate turning points in capital markets
  • Define strategic and tactical asset allocation portfolios
  • Suggest long-term capital market assumptions​

Market Outlook Report

Market Outlook Report



  • Market outlook time horizon: 1 week to 3 months
  • Market regime research
  • US equity sectors analysis
  • Factor investing analysis
  • Country risk research
  • Tailor-made studies and analyses

Quantamental Strategy

The Marriage of a Quantitative and a Fundamental Approach

True to its label, our quantamental approach combines the best of both quantitative and fundamental analysis in a compact, functional set of strategies, which mostly follow the allocation suggested by a set of predetermined quantitative principles designed in accordance with our research, unless the CIO decides to temporarily reduce the risks and invest in specific, discretionary allocations. This happens, for instance, in the case of exogenous market shocks such as pandemic outbreaks or geopolitical events such as military conflicts or terrorist attacks.​ ​The strategies implemented aim to increase the risk in the portfolio in stable and bullish markets, to anticipate shifts in favourable market regimes by reducing risk, and generate alpha through sector rotation in the S&P 500. To achieve these objectives, the following proprietary combinations of models, factors, and indicators are used to optimise the resulting strategy, with risk and leverage being monitored on a daily basis and managed by systemic risk signals or CPPI.

Equity Curve


Securing Funds to Fuel your Growth Tailored Financing Services

Over the years, we assisted many of our clients in various forms of fundraising and financing efforts, utilising our financial structuring expertise and extensive network of partnerships in the financial world to secure both equity and debt financing for a diverse portfolio of projects, from startups to very mature businesses.​ ​Although originally performed solely on an ad hoc basis to assist and support our circle of UHNW and family office investors, we are now extending this service as part of our advisory suite for a broader range of clientele, for the time being for volumes exceeding CHF 10 million.​

Project Examples



We successfully designed, negotiated, structured, and together with J&T Bank issued the first larger bond issuance for an e-commerce player in the Czech Republic, now a CEE online grocery giant Rohlik Group, in total volume of ~50M EUR. This enabled the founder and CEO Tomas Cupr to further consolidate his ownership and propelled the rapid growth of the company in the following years. The bonds sold out in less than two weeks.​

Key terms

  • 6.6% p.a. fixed annual coupon​
  • 4 years maturity​
  • Guaranteed by the RG equity at very favourable LTV​
  • Call option after 1.5 year​